• The concept of this game is going to the past is meaningless. Normally, most side-scroll games are right scroll, but in this game, the character goes to the left scroll. So, in opening scene, those characters are actually same person. One goes to the present and future, and this character goes to the past. This can also goes to the right side but, there is only snow because we do not know what will happen in the future. After the character goes to left, as you saw in the video, the character encounters some playable and pleasant but somehow calm moments. Like rolling the snowball, flowers, meeting sheep friends. But after the character cross the lake with balloon, there’s nothing and just snow road. People imagine that if they can go past, they can change many things and expect better life than now. But we cannot change the past and even if we get the chance to go back to the past, it means we are giving up some happy things that we have right now. So we did not put items that make the player remind that they are going back to past. Instead the player can enjoy short and pleasant trip and the player encounter long, lonely , snow aimless and meaningless road. Also, if you keep going right side,the character will keep walking on the snow road and at some point, the character will fall down. Like there’s always end in our lives.