Drawing Machine

  • Drawing Machine 
    Created by Dennis Krawec and Yasemin Orhan
    Materials: masonite, plywood, hinges, screws, nuts, washers, handle, vinyl tubing, syringes, dowels, velcro, tape, epoxy, hot glue, wood glue, acrylic paint, latch, lock, and plastic rearrangeable gear toy.
    -when box is closed, 24in x 5in x 12in (above, left)
    -when box is open, 29in x 5in x 24in (above, right)
  • Operating both manually and automatically, the drawing tool introduces a method of creating messy spirographic images that owe credit to both human and machine. Two spirograph appendages opposite each other draw paint from syringes attached inside the box that pump the paint via vinyl tubing to the drawing plane. Here it splashes onto the main rotating gear and is free to mix on the paper. While both (manually operated) spirographic sets of gears rotate, a third spirograph with a paint brush attached spins automatically to mix and push the paints around the drawing plane. All three spirographs work in unison to produce beatiful, planet-like creations of which no two are the same.
  • If one is looking for a cleaner drawing, the vinyl tubes can be detached and replaced with pencils, pens, or markers for a more traditional linear spirograph.
  • A selection of the "planets" created with the drawing machine. The paper is 12 inches in diameter to fit the 12 inch drawing plane.
  • Creators Yasemin Orhan (left) and Dennis Krawec (right)
  • And it's ready to go with you wherever you want!