• pebblestacks is a room divider that calms you and the space. Its pebble-like units have a lovable form, which when stacked, bring the same feeling of balance and harmony, that stacking pebbles outdoors brings. Stacks of seven pebbles divide a room effectively while still making the space feel light and open. In a highly stressful work environment, it even serves as a site of relaxation where you can hold and turn a pebble in your hands, and lose your tensions in its gentle shape.
  • Installation view 
  • Orthographic view of single unit
  • The project involved combining digital crafting methods like CNC milling, laser cutting, and 3D printing, as well as the classical set of clay forming tools to then manufacture multiples using a hands-on process of plaster mold-making and slip-casting. 
  • Rhino model
  • 3D printed positive for mold
  • Plaster molds
  • Slip-cast unit
  • Unglazed bisqueware