Children's Illustration

  • Character: Glide
    Detail from cover pitch ... Forest Lovely (written and illustrated)
  • Glide, Bee and a found peanut are all part of Rexy's collection of treasures from the forest.
    Forest Lovely (written and illustrated pitch)
  • Preditor and prey character scene
    Pets in cages at the Pet Shop...Pet Shop (written and illustrated)
  • Fish detail
    Watching from the tank in the Pet Store.
  • Reptile scene
    Pets in the terrarium of the Pet Shop ...  Pet Shop (written illustrated)
  • Half a dozen falling mice
  • Special Character request
    Gnome Ax Guy. 
  • Character: Caliandra
    Caliandra in Ingy's Forest...Cliandra Polygata (written and illustrated)
  • Character: Polygata
    Finds ribbon left by Ingy for her...Caliandra Polygata (written and illustrated)
  • Character: Doily
    Doily is gonna get rid of those vegetables...Doily Gets Sick (written and illustrated)
  • Character: Dandy Wagon
    My little store icon.