Character Development

  • Character: Rexy
    Goes out and hears a curious sound...Many working titles.
    (written and illustrated book about pets making terrible children)
  • Character:  Found pet ...
    Rexy uses her senses and finds a little guy under a scoop. (written and illustrated)
  • Rexy takes him home and decides to keep him and name him.
    (written and illustrated)
  • Character scene:
    Pet goes out, cries on the way home.
  • Scene with cross section of hole dug in the dirt.
  • That pet makes all sorts of trouble for Rexy...
  • This child-pet is always in trouble.
  • All sorts of trouble ensues.
  • Rexy learns that even though child-pets are a lot of will all be ok.
  • In the end, the child-pet has found his family.