Llamas: 2013 Fall SAIC BFA Show Installation

  • The Llama Project
     This is my installation from SAIC's 2013 Fall BFA show. I was interested in process, narrative, cartooning, design, people, and in the imagined emotional lives of objects. Hoping to combine my interests, I found material inspiration in a slip-casting class and designed a range of llama-shaped functional vessels.
  • There were so many late nights in the ceramic studio that I think I may have technically lived at school for a while.
  • Here are the original mold positives during the sculpting process: Little guy is oil clay, big guy is wet/green stoneware.
  • Here is the first mold I made, along with a brand new llama ready to to be popped out.
  • Sooo many.
  • I made several groups of them and couldn't stop.