• 2044 M 6 is a series of four digital paintings/composites showing the path of an asteroid (2044 M 6) as it nearly collides with Earth. The asteroid is large enought to have its own gravitational pull, this alters Earth's orbit, changing the planet forever. It remains in the habitabl zone, but just barely. The first panel shows 2044 M 6 shortly after it has entered our solar system.
  • Panel 2 depicts 2044 M 6 as it barely misses Earth.
  • Panel 3 shows the asteroid in roughly the same position as Panel 2, but from a perpective that shows its size in relation to the sun and other planets. The Sun, Earth, Mars, and Mercury are all in correct scale and are the correct distances from the Sun.
  • Panel 4 shows Earth after the asteroid has changed it. The continent shown is what remains of Africa and both the North and South Poles melted and the water levels rose.
  • All four panel are 16 x 9 in and 450 ppi. Working in high res was something that played an important role for me in this piece, I wanted to be able to give everything as much detail as it needed, and in somecases, more. This project was in part an exercise to see how detailed of an image I could create and in part a challenge to create more than just planets (something I have done many times). The nebulas seen in panels 1 and 2 are entirely hand painted in photoshop with an excessive amount of layers. The asteroid throughout is composited from several different rock formations and Earth in the last panel is mostly a digital painting with a few elements that were composited.
    Thanks for taking the time to look at this project, it was incredibly fun to create and I hope you enjoyed it.