Playtes, Bowls, and Cups

  • An installation at the end of a two-week Object in Context ceramic course at Ox-bow School of Arts and Residency in Saugatuck, Michigan.

    Playtes, Bowls and Cups was an attempt to render breakable ceramic tableware "child-proof" by re-contextualizing them as play tools for a sand pit! The assignment was to make them site-specific to the Ox-bow campus. The forms and glazes of each plate/cup/bowl were inspired by some of the brightly colored studios and cabins on the Ox-bow campus and are named after the same. The source of inspiration seemed fit for vessels that would then again be used to build new structures in the sand.
  • From L-R: The Blue, The Pink, The Janie, The Rob, Burke Inn, The Krehbiel Ceramics Studio, The Red & The White