“Damn my Father!?”

  • "Damn my father!?"
    Images and sound collage
    Ramallah, is a small complicated city. Under the current circumstances in the occupied territories Ramallah is considered to be the commercial hub for the other Palestinian villages and cities, the small city receives thousands of  people everyday to work and shop. In the city center lies Al-manara circle where stone lions rest, these lions refer to the founder families of the city as a celebration of its heritage but also can be read as a reminder to the outsider of his place. Ramallah is a welcoming city, but can be hard on its outsiders!
    This collage combines photos from the streets of Ramallah and shop signs. Sound is recorded through a walk in the city center.
    This work been published and presented in several places as:
    . “Palestine Site Conference”, Technische Universitat Munchen, Munich 2015
    . “Where is a too serious relationship with sound heading?” (Sound Group Exhibition), Black Box Room, KHiO, Oslo 2015
    . “Paltrips.ps” - Online Guide, Franco German Center, Palestine 2014