Inanimate tragedy bot

  • Edward Gorey is an illustrator and poet known for his surrealistic narration tied to mundane objects to create an obscure atmosphere. ‘The Inanimate Tragedy” is a great example showing his witty use of imagination to create actions for office supplies.
    The Chabot makes a dialogue depending on what the audience types. I created a Chabot based off from Edward Gorey’s poem ‘Inanimate Tragedy’, where the audience can type in the subject matter that appears in the poem, such as button, needles and pins. The Chabot also responds to other questions to give answers in a rhetorical manner.
  • Further investigating on into Edward Gorey’s use of creating personality towards those mundane objects, I broke down the poem to subjects and actions used to analyze how the characteristics are created.  I used the Open I.E, a web-scale information extraction system, to research what verbs are most commonly paired with what objects and subject.