My Naturalist Studies

  • My Naturalist Studies
    Artist Books, dimensions 11" H x 6" W x 1" D each
      This encyclopedia collection stands as a record of my travels in the form of sculpted books.
  • Meteorolgy
    I have torn the pages of this book to create the shape of a thunderstorm moving over a prairie. The beginning pages reference the building storm and climax as the thunderhead breaches the troposphere. Denouement shapes mimic the dissipating storm.
  • Geology
    Ink striations on paper and torn pages evoke rock formations. Movement through the book resembles the process of excavation or passage through a cave.
  • Cosmology
    I pierce the pages to describe northern hemisphere constellations that I observed over the summer. The pages begin with the first stars that appear, like the summer triangle. Soon the pages fill with holes creating a textured map of the night sky. In the end, the holes subside as stars disappear in the morning.