• Problem:  When a person is emotionally isolated, they keep their feelings completely to themselves, are unable to receive emotional support from others, “shut down” or feel numb, and cannot or do not communicate with others. Breaking a cycle of isolation is a difficult but necessary part of recovery from emotional distress.
    Solution: ConnectSF’s KnowledgeGraph is a simple and fun social quiz that challenges preconceptions on mental health and encourages them to reach out and get help if they need it.
  • The long term goal of KnowledgeGraph is to encourage users to share their own mental health questions with the community, participate in anonymous news feeds with people tackling similar issues, and share MEANINGFUL status updates as they reach their mental health goals (think of a social postsecret.com).

    This project was completed in less than 48 hours during the High Ground Hackathon in San Francisco, CA. I mainly contributed some aspects of the visual design as well as helping to map out the entire system that Connect SF would live in. Created in collaboration with Sarah Seegal.