• "Agitrons" was conceived as a statement piece, both a start and an end to an ongoing line of thought that would include comics, neon and the plexiglass layer pieces I have been creating in one object. The title references Mort Walker's "Lexicon of Comicana", a 1980 effort to codify the abstract symbols used by Western cartoonists and illustrators to express motion and mood. The agitrons of the title are represented by the freehanded, raw neon curling lines emanating from the head of my self portrait, which can be read as anger or confusion or even drunkenness depending on the viewer. The self-portrait I first drew as a comic before lasercutting multiple pieces of plexiglas and then chemically sealing them together to form the body and serve as mount for the neon. The piece represents my anxieties, hopes and fears as I graduate with my BFA.