Thoughts on Color

  • Idle on a sun-searing afternoon, but in the mood for adventure
  • The sun in the trees, bright
  • Women dazzle us with sild, satin, soft hues of poppy-pink, peach, adn coral with pretty swishiness
  • Vibrant oragne, joyful and fresh
    The serene gray and sea blue brought to life
  • There is the light, glittering
    Golden in the beige and grey
  • As I get older, I remember my younger self
    My freshness, in shades of turquoise, mint, and emerald
  • A buzz of yellow, a bolt of lightning
    Then nonexistent
  • Warm purple and pinks,
    But even vivid colors disappear
  • The dark and delicate peaceful rhythm of platinum, silver, black and white