Smartwater Air Companions

  • Smartwater | Designed Objects 2 | Fall 2013
    4 Week Project
  • Smartwater is inspired by clouds and water vapours. Why not extend to in-flight hydration?
  • Brand Analysis
    Obvious brand name, uniformly thin cylindrical body, clear material and graphic label, straightforward blocks of shapes, translucent bottle cap, colour-coded text
    Subversive about utility through prominent graphic elements, highlights sensorial experience through descriptive texts, incorporates brand story (cloud) to appear user-friendly, enhances brand image through hidden text
    Imposes self-image of "clever" and "smart", use of blue to imply refreshing and calming experience
  • Two concepts for Smartwater extension:
    Smartwater mini - "purity you can taste" - cupped water
    Smartwater mister - "hydration you can feel" - moisturiser
  • Experiments with different radii and angles to find the most appropriate form for both concepts.

    There are two solutions for dehydration when travelling on aeroplane.
    Smartwater mini is for internal hydration (drinking water), and Smartwater mister (mist) is for external hydration. Each solution is supplemental to one and another.

  • Smartwater mini is clear and has obvious brand name on a translucent cover. It enhances brand image through hidden text which incorporates brand story (cloud) to imprint brand image.
  • Smartwater mister has uniformly thin cylindrical body and a translucent spray cap to highlight brand label and maintain consistent appearance of materials from source object.