• Milestone | Personal Project | Spring 2014
    2-3 Week Project
    A bag-stool combination
  • Chun-yun is a period of travel in China with extremely high traffic load around time of Lunar New Year. There are around 257 million train trips during 40-day Lunar New Year travel period.
  • High demand of seats from people waiting inside and outside train station, as well as people travelling on train. Passengers carry luggages of various sizes, however, they are used as temporary seats when long wait and travel occur.
  • Preliminary sketches of possible forms.
  • Interesting forms are picked out from sketches and developed into sketch models and patterns to move forward.
  • Cardboard structural models to test design.
  • Using structural models as springboard to further develop bag shape.
  • Inspirations for bag materials and construction methods.
  • Milestone marks distance to home to migrant workers returning home from cities to rural areas in China.
    It also represents the distance away from busy city life and mundane factory work.
  • Milestone is a traveler's companion. It contains all your belongings and also provide seat to rest when you are exhausted.
  • To use as a container, simply:
    1: Lay bag flat on the ground
    2: Unzip zipper to open
    3: Put belongings in the space
    4: Zip zipper to secure belongings
  • Vinyl base - durable, easy to clean
    Cotton exterior fabric - durable, comfortable
    Swivel shoulder straps - detachable, convertible for bag- v.s. stool-only use