Oscar Lopez Rivera | Article Reaction

  • Oscar Lopez Rivera 
              This May 2014 will mark 33rd anniversary of the imprisonment of Oscar López, a former member of the clandestine group “Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional” (Armed Forces of National Liberation), which fought for the independence of Puerto Rico. López serves a sentence of 70 years in prison. Although the group has been held accountable for an attempt in which several deaths occurred, López has never been accused of these killings.
              In 1999, President Bill Clinton proposed giving him clemency, as well as to a dozen other Puerto Rican political prisoners also incarcerated in the US, if López served another 10 years in prison.  López rejected the proposition because this offer left out two of his prison mates, whom, by the way, have already been liberated. Since 2011, López and his lawyer, have been diligently been working to seek clemency from President Barack Obama.  In Puerto Rico and amongst the Puerto Ricans who live in the USA there is an important movement in favor of López’s excarceration. Many have united in favor of this cause. There is even agreement on this matter amongst he promoters of statehood and the status quo.  For many, López has become the ‘Puerto Rican Mandela’.
             My initial reaction to reading the article about Oscar López gave me a new perspective on the government and the man himself, Oscar López. The prison sentence that he was given was excessively long. It exceeded, in some cases, the sentences against persons that have been convicted of murder. Oscar Lopez could have been out of jail back in 2009 but he couldn’t leave his friends in jail, he stayed to be “along side” them. This is a sign of a very strong and unselfish character. The man has a good heart and has united citizens in Puerto Rico.
    He was a ‘freedom fighter’ and now his people fight for his freedom. It is enough.  
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