When Is the Proper Time to Consider a Nursing Home

  • As the president of YAM Management LLC, Yosef Meystel manages the daily operations of more than a dozen nursing facilities. Possessing over five years of experience in this position, Yosef Meystel understands how difficult the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be. In general, people must consider what tasks the individual can complete on his or her own that are necessary for daily care. When other options like in-home care or assisted living are not available or not enough, a nursing home may provide the best solution.

    To live independently, individuals should have the ability to use a telephone, shop without assistance, and prepare adequate meals with proper nutrition. Other considerations include the individual’s ability to perform household chores, like cleaning and laundry, and to properly administer needed medications. Independent living requires the capacity to handle money and make regular purchases. Many individuals consider a nursing home when the ability to travel becomes limited or nonexistent.

    Ultimately, decision makers should discuss all available options and get input from the loved one in need of assistance, if possible. While the decision is never easy, friends and family members should keep their loved one’s best interests at heart.