Mood Maps

  • How do you chart something as fluid and changing as your mood?  Inspired by the mood rings I loved as a child, I tracked my mood hourly over the course of four months.  I started right after I gradated, knowing it would be a new chapter and a huge adjustment in my life, and attempted to track patterns in my moods.
    I chose watercolors because they are imprecise and flow together, creating dreamy swirls that blend into each other.  I created a chart for the overall four months, pulling out specific positive and negative events.  I then painted charts on a more micro level, focusing on one month, and then on only one day.
    I noticed some overal directions in my mood, ones I feel many people could relate to.  I chose to animate this directions in three mini animations, which were made with lots of small paintings layered together.
  • I was very excited when TekSkins, an Austrailian manufacturer of laptop skins and cases, approached me about designing a laptop cover based off of Mood Maps!  They are releasing a line of artist designed covers soon, and I was so happy to be a part of this project.  Below is a mockup, and the real thing will be
    available soon!