• The passenger pigeon is an extinct North American Bird. The bird was the most abundant bird in the world during the 19th century. By the early 20th century, it was completely extinct. People played, killed and ate them all. Unfortunately, the bird became the loser in the battle of the nature pyramid. Alexander Wilson, an ornithologist, described the scene of their migration, “The sky grew dark. The air rumbled and turned cold. Bird dung fell like hail,” and described that their dung “covered to the depth of several inches" on the ground. I was very interested in the amazing fact that the amount of dung would reach up to three feet thick in certain spots. The land, where people live was their toilet.
    My installation work, “Overcoat” is about their dung. I think the dung could be their message of revenge. I reveal their voice of existence, survival and life by creating a relationship between speech bubbles and falling dung. Visual composition of falling down speech bubbles makes people to stay in front of installation to look at the message. By bring the forgotten bird, I give an opportunity to people facing with a non-existent and suggests a significant implication of the emptiness that cannot be reversed.