Experts Recommend Researching Nursing Care Facility

  • Many older adults accumulate additional caregiving needs as they age and may seek out residence in a long-term care facility. Experts note that individuals and families should start exploring options for nursing care facilities long before the senior may need admittance. That way, seniors have a better chance of fostering a smooth transition to their new environment.

    YAM Management President Yosef Meystel agrees that the search for a nursing care environment should start early. As Yosef Meystel explains, individuals often wait until they face a health crisis which causes a hospitalization. Because hospitals often need to discharge patients as rapidly as possible, such an action can result in the patient being sent to any available bed in a care facility. A better approach is pre-evaluation of needs and resources, including necessary assistance with daily living tasks and insurance coverage, to select the facility that best fits the patient’s situation.

    While nursing care facilities vary widely, individuals and families should assess whether the senior needs simple room and board or if he would benefit from other services, such as medication management or social activities. By planning ahead, seniors and their families can achieve a lower-stress transition during one of life’s most challenging periods.