• Planet Labs provides universal access to information about the changing planet. They will operate the world’s largest fleet of Earth imaging satellites to frequently image the entire planet and provide open access to that information.
    Planet Labs

    Planet Labs engaged us to develop an iphone app that demonstrates the unique capabilities of the Planet Labs API to developers. The goal was to create an app that consumers would use on a daily basis.

    Planet News is a native iPhone app that aggregates proprietary satellite imagery and social media to surface news from anywhere on the globe.
  • Key screens of the application include the timeline function, the default overhead view of wherever the user has accessed the application from, and the screen in which the user can contribute information from.
  • The timeline function allows the user to view the change in the event overtime. This showcases events involving changes in the earth's crust particularly well, in this case showing the spread of a wild fire.
  • During the ideation phase we explored multiple solutions to the problem, we ended up choosing and going with what would be useful, medium in difficulty, and would leverage Planet Lab's specific type of data the best.
  • An app map, ping flow, and persona used to develop and create a user centric design.

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