HTB a 100mile per gallon car

  • objective of work
    “How to build a 100mile per gallon car” project is an interactive information design of explaining how much money costs and how much MPG gain if experts invest money and technology to each part of automobile. It also shows how to build a 100mile per gallon car as well.
    Visual purpose
    This information design had to be clear for easy understanding since there are a lot of information of comparing such as mpg gain with cost of investment, amount of mpg depends on different part of car and energy costs depends on what kind of materials were used. Also, I was focused on the style of graphic such as color and typography. I though automobile industry field somehow made me to feel hard and difficult to understand. For this reason, I was trying to make it to look playful and easy to understand. yellow and sky blue colors were used as a main color.
    User experience
    The motion that is working on the web would help users to experience effectively. In each of page, users can click the icon and move to another page if they want. 
    I mainly used Adobe Illustrator for making all of the graphic elements such as component of automobile and graphs. Adobe Photoshop and Flash tool were also used to create the website for the interaction.