Erasure Series || Archive Project

  • Artist Statement 
                These works of art that I have created bring insight into another form of erasure that I have been ensuing in most of my creations. Choosing and collecting family portraits of friends and family into an archive that takes away what was there originally; happiness, fear, the satisfaction to be near a love one, and to capture the moment of which prompted for the photo to be created.  I take each perspective of what someone could say about it and I throw those conceptions out.
                During my process to achieve this idea, I erased the faces of the men, women, and other loved ones inside each photo. In the beginning steps I took at the start of my work I took each action further during the process. I felt uneasy to do this to a family I never knew, but as I continued I changed. I felt more apathetic of my actions and it became a meditated state of process. Once I was faced with working on my own family portrait the uneasiness crawled back up and the hesitation grew. This taught me to become aware of what I was actually doing; putting feelings back into a feeling-less thing.
                What is being said in this archive I’ve collected can be understood and processed differently than that of my original construct. The psychological and philosophical pathways are endless. This is what I want when the viewer goes through when seeing this. Not a one-routed mind only seeing one door way at the end of the hallway, but one that sees many other doors along the side. I take these emotions and the memory away for others to add to them like painters who don’t see a white canvas but, instead, their next work of art.