JUF Hunger Awareness Project is Launched in Chicago

  • Holding an MBA in accounting from Indiana University South Bend, Yosef Meystel is the president of YAM Management, a property management group that includes 16 Illinois senior care facilities in its portfolio. Outside of his work with YAM, Yoself Meystel supports the activities of the JUF, or the Jewish United Fund in Chicago.

    The JUF is a non-profit organization that provides resources and funding for a variety of cultural and educational activities as well as outreach services, including emergency medical care, food and housing. The core values of the organization emphasize caring for those in need of assistance, both in Israel and globally, and sustaining Jewish goals and values. The annual campaign drive for the JUF concentrates on setting goals that will support people in danger and maintain strong Jewish values.

    According to a recent news report, the JUF recently hosted activities to fight hunger in the Chicago area. Over 100 volunteers joined in the fight on September 15, 2013 by donating their time to Feed Chicago, a service dedicated to providing food to those in need. Tikkun Olam and Young Leadership volunteers of the JUF participated in the event.

    The planned activity coincides with the launch of the Hunger Awareness Project by the JUF. During the hosted event, volunteers managed food donations, cooked meals and tended community gardens. According to the report, almost 5,000 Jews receive daily and weekly meals through the food programs funded by the JUF.