Large Double Llama | Pour Me Pour You

  • This slip-cast porcelain Big Double Llama is just one iteration from my Functional Llama project.
    I see Big Double Llama as a multifunctional object: This is a modern vase, a candelabra, and a dinnerware object suitable for serving beverages. I am most excited by its functionality as dinnerware, where two or more users negotiate its use.

     "May I pour for you, and will you pour for me in return? Whose spout is a handle and whose handle is a spout?"
    It serves as an attractive vase as well.
  • Double Llama in unnatural habitat.
  • Here I'm making the greenware positive from two llama forms for a new mold. I discovered a method of strengthening and water-proofing fragile slipcast forms which allows for less size distortion and more freedom to produce experimental shapes.
  • Here is the Big Double Llama with some of the other forms from the Functional Llama Project.