• Artist Statement       
               My artwork takes a journey into the depths of my drifting internal thoughts. I take in the location around me and I let it move me. This allows me to use the location to create movement where movement is not usually found. Sometimes the thoughts I have are in constant motion; which make them blurry and unclear. They give off an ominous and dark feeling to them. Eerie and surreal.
                To achieve a more perfect reality I decided to use myself as the subject. This in itself is largely due in part that I am the only one who can truly grasp what’s flowing through my head. Letting another person step foot in my mind, or even my photos, would be like listening to the white noise you get when the radio is not on the right frequency. It represents solidarity and understanding; two things a person truly needs if they ever wanted to find themselves.
               The movements that are given off in each photo depict the certain aspects of my mind and how they correlate to the surrounding area. Within the two pieces in where I am walking as if off the dock to an abyss, wandering and traversing. It’s the progress in my mind I take to understand the surrounding area, helping me.
                What the artwork is saying is that not only are the internal thoughts hard to put into focus, but they are within me even when I’m not truly thinking about it. The fact of the matter is that I take what’s around me and translate it in a way that makes myself feel somber, aggressive or merely neutral. The places in which I take myself (in this case the edge of a dock) allow me to glide through different emotions, which provide a sense of movement in the eyes of those looking. It serves as a means to an end.
    - http://society6.com/DelgadoGonzalez/Fade-Into-The-Abyss_Print
    - http://society6.com/DelgadoGonzalez/Fade-Into-The-Abyss-II_Print