Emotion Tombs

  • 2012 / Installation, Street Art
    I enjoy finding unnoticed things around us. I explore how ordinary things have potential personal value and how this approach broadens my perspective of life. My project, Emotion Tombs, reflects the fact that chewed gum, which is a rapidly processed and then forgotten object, contains human DNA. Therefore, I speculated that human emotion could also transfer to gum by chewing. This approach suggests the human value of gum and gives audiences the opportunity to create a new experience from a banal one. 
    My core concept that emotion transfers to gum by chewing is a psychological approach called magical thinking. By creating a meaningful relationship between chewing and thinking, I recreate gum as another layer of myself. 
    Emotion tombs is the installation pieces on the street. It is also the documentation of my daily life during 2012. I chewed gum when I felt down, and then threw it away on the street. After, I blessed and celebrated the moment of the separation and deletion of the part of my emotion by putting a cross, flower and blanket on the gum. The gum, which has my negative emotion, stays forever like a tomb on the street. 
    Thesis Process