NEG 20-39/NEG 220-239

  • NEG 20-39 and NEG 220-239, without box housing
  • Detail
  • NEG 20-39 and NEG 220-239 are housed in boxes that once stored glass negatives and tied with archival ribbon. Each set of six cards is made from archival discards, including copies from microfilm, catalog cards, and auction catalogs. 
    This project was produced after completing a co-op internship at the Ryerson and Burnham Library and Archives at the Art Institute of Chicago. In the spring of 2013, where I curated an exhibition of library and archival material celebrating the centennial of the 1913 Armory Show. 1913: The Armory Show and the Art Institute of Chicago was on display in the Ryerson Reading Room between May and July of 2013.
    These photographs were produced by SAIC's Career and Co-op Center and do not include the boxes or ribbon.