Beyond Mouth

  • 2012 / Poster, Typography
    Gum is a repulsive object especially when it’s stuck under the sole of a shoe and causes people to feel annoyed. It becomes a symbol of misfortune, and these black dots create an unclean view of our environment.
    Gum can easily be discarded on the street after use and also avoided by people. 
    The gum is mixed with saliva, which contains human DNA. This idea made me wonder what else could be transferred to gum. I imagined that human emotion could also be transferred to gum by chewing. In this way, gum could be representing both a moment and an emotion. 
    Understanding gum as a human layer led me to think about other gum on the street. I was curious whose identity it contains and what emotion was transferred in to it. Then, I found interesting shapes by connecting gum-to-gum. It reminded me of the childhood game, connecting the dots, a form of puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots. In this work, I found text by connecting gum, which reveals another form of human communication beyond mouth.  
    SAIC Portfolio:
    The Chicago Design Archive:

    2013 / The Society of Typographic Arts Student Poster Competition / Honorable Mention
    2013 / POSTERior / Selected Winner

    2014 / Uptown Asian Pacific Heritage Month Art Walk / Chicago, IL
    2014 / Chicago Public Library / Chicago, IL 
    2013 / POSTERior 2013 show / Chicago, IL