• Monolith 

  • A multimedia body of work created from the maps of industry adjacent communities of color that are being eroded by the adverse health and socioeconomic conditions created by these industrial landscapes.

     I've fragmented The data driven street map selections into symbols 'glyphs' of various sites, many of which I've visited in person and built a series of surreal, interactive landscapes to showcase the footage and data collected from/about each community. The project combines research publications, short films,photography, illustrations, and a VR/360 animation; all of which preview an interactive game/platform that brings these surreal landscapes and the data that drives them to life.

    The game/platform will be accessible through QR gates from local site based installations,on the printed publications, via VR flythroughs, online marketplaces and as accompaniment to the photography/digital illustration series. Each medium of this project conveys a unique piece of reality and comes together as a way of reclaiming some agency through surreal environmental recreation.
  • Interactive 360/VR Short
  • Stills
  • Pittsburgh | Braddock
  •  At the center of the map above is Braddock Pennsylvania, home to a sprawling steel complex that is both sustaining and eroding the surrounding population. The air pollution in and around braddock ranks 12th nationwide, this map traces the areas most affected by airborne pollutants.

    These areas closest to the factory are mostly low income communities of color. The mill is the primary source of both smog and income in these areas. Ive taken drone photographs of the site and overlayed street maps of the affected neighboorhoods.

     I then took the vectors of the street maps broke them apart and reassembeled the fragments into  complex symbols/pictographs that resemble older written languages. This site is one of three (so far) that have gone on to drive digital illustrations and motion graphic pieces as a way of reclaiming some agency through a surreal surreal enviormental recreations.

  • Further readings & Map data sources: 

  • Tectonics
    Fragmented map selections extruded and backlit.
  • A bridge structure leading to an ensnared figure partially made of/textured by Pittsburgh glyphs.
  • Detroit | River Rouge
  • River Rouge is one of the most polluted zip codes in the country (48217) , it sits adjacent to one of the most polluted rivers in the country. One bank of this river is lined with factories and railyards, the other bank is home to a residential area. The map isolates all industrial water containment facilities and rail lines among the houses. 

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  • Interactive 360/VR Short
  • Borders, Roads, Intersections and other lines form the shapes that carve glyphs into the land. These glyphs give rise to the communities that personify the lines they’re made of. I'm interested in the deconstruction and re-abstraction of these lines. They were all at one point, malleable drawings on the paper of a city planner or architect, and while I am neither of those, I’d like to create illustrations of environments that are vaguely familiar to many.  There is an organicness to the bare lines of urban sprawl, an organicness that often substitutes the environment it sits atop. I'd like to juxtapose urban/industrial landscapes with a world of organic shapes and patterns made from the highways, factories, and mills that interlace, bind and often anchor the neighborhoods that surround them. These communities are more often seen from above than from street level. This top down view abstracts the humanity of these places in the same way that the glyphs we leave behind abstract our presence on the earth. 
  • Interactive 360/VR Short
  • Chicago | South/West Sides
  •  East Chicago/Indiana. The 25 most polluted wards of the city are all located in the city's south and west sides adjacent to communities of color, the map of Cook County pictured highlights these wards over a partially rehabilitated industrial dump site and abandoned steel factory plot, a few blocks from neighboring communities.

          In Chicagos far southeast industrial corridor is Big Marsh: Under this site, a cache of toxic materials that could not be removed from the area and was instread buried and capped. This cap is only built to last 100 years and as it begins to leak it joins the rest of the environmental waste degrading the communities of color still anchored around these abandoned sites.   

  • Further Reading/Sources: 
  • Continuation of New Nature
  • Beirut Explosion
  • ( In Progress: Game/Platform Design Concepts )