Welcome to Dubai (In Progress)

  • Last January, I visited Dubai, UAE.  It was a beautiful and opulent place, with grander and grander buildings and  attractions being erected continuously.  It was like a city rising out of the sand, everywhere I looked, lots of buildings in various stages of construction.  Dubai is home to some of the most extravagant things I've ever heard of, included the Burj Kalifa, the world's tallest building, the largest fountain (which holds an elaborate show with dancers, lights, video, and pyrotechnics nightly), and a massive mall with tons of designer shops and extravagant displays.  I also spent time in some of the less grand areas of Dubai, like the traditional souks (although the gold souk was certainly a sight to see). 
    When I returned, I noticed a lot of articles surfacing questioning the grandeur of Dubai, claiming that it is a "mirage", with many problems we don't see.  This website opens with an abstraction of the Burj Kalifa, showing Dubai as a welcoming, golden and glittering city.  Whenever the user navigates to a new page, a piece of the building disappears and cannot be navigated to again.  The user must press on, until the user is ultimately left with a shadow of the former tower, a few lonely, unimpressive structures.
    The site content is still being adding and manipulated.
  • The test version of the site can be visited here: http://www.saic.edu/~ehedri/dubai/